Kinda Funny.

Being the middle child of a preacher's family in the South, I always felt a little different, a little left out and a little confused as to who I was "supposed"  to be.

Turns out I'm a little funny, a little deep and a lot more loved than I knew. That's what I want for people... to know themselves, love themselves and in turn extend that love to others.

Using laughter is the best way I've found to connect us all... no matter how different, we're all awkwardly human just trying to do life. 

I'm a comedian and storyteller in many forms... through the written and spoken word, visual art, and video editing-- all intertwined with the realities of life and the humor to get through it.



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"it's called a spade"  is a reference to calling life like it is instead of hiding the tough stuff and pretending like everything is fine. It’s a collection of stories about life, about people and God, recovery and relapse, heartache and brokenness, and the reality that life is hard, even if you believe in God, even if you don’t. But there is also hope and humor and healing that comes without answers. These stories are from a human who almost disappeared in her efforts to be seen; a girl who called spades hearts and smiled while bluffing.

This book may be good for anyone who's wrestled with their faith, struggled with loss, dealt with grief, been a product of divorce, uncertain in navigating a loved one's suicide, and desperately hoped for more in the midst of it all. There's no answers... just a safe space to talk about stuff that's hard to talk about. 

And don't worry, there's some light hearted stories in there too! Because life is made of humor and pain, dark and light, dust and divine breath.

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it's called a spade

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